Carriers for various machining processes

Optimise the production process

MG Products makes carriers for a variety of machining processes. These are important for the smooth progress of the production process. Good carriers reduce set-up time, board handling and improve and increase flexibility.

MG Products has multiple types of solder carriers. Two major types are those for selective soldering and those for wave soldering. Our wave soldering carriers are tailor-made and designed by our experienced engineers. These carriers make it possible to solder THT components on complex arrangements, even with bottom-mounted components. 

To achieve the highest quality in the production of electronics, customised soldering tooling is a must.

The types of carriers that we create include: 

  • Shearing tool boards
  • Milling carriers/routing boards
  • Potting carriers
  • Coating carriers
  • Solder carriers

We also produce SMD carriers. The print can be used with these carriers throughout the production process: from screening, to pick and place and then through the reflow oven. These carriers may be supplemented with fiducial apertures on the carriers. 

General characteristics of our carriers: 

  • Flush-mounted plate holders with push-pull mechanisms keep PCBs in place
  • Operator intervention is not required
  • SMT pallet for screening, pick and place and reflow
  • Tooling Pins for correct PCB positioning
  • Minimisation of thermal stress during the flow process

Good carriers are indispensable in an efficient workflow

Properties of Solder Carriers: 

  • The Solder Carriers are suitable for both conventional and modern techniques
  • Made of ESD-safe and heat-resistant materials
  • Suitable for Passe Partout frames with inserts 
  • Fixation of components utilising top-compression tooling
  • Support and shielding of the components at the bottom of PCBs 
  • SMT component masking on the underside of the PCB and fixation by employing compression blocks on the PCB
  • Pocket milling allows the shielding of higher components
  • Many different variants are available. Suitable for, among others, ERSA, SEHO, Vitronic Soltec and EPDM machines
  • Flex Carriers for soldering Flex-Ridgit Boards
  • Inlay plates for using Finger Carriers

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