Test systems

The right solution for every test setup

In addition to test adapters, MG Products can supply a variety of test systems. These include the Extended Boundary Scan Test from JTAG Technologies, the functional test equipment integrated into a table or high configuration from Unites systems or the Cabinet Modular Test solution (CMT). We offer the right solution for every test setup. 

Benefits of the Extended Boundary Scan Test:

  • Low initial investment
  • Many circuits can be tested using only a few test points
  • High coverage ratio
  • Accurate detection of poor connections
  • Can check whether components are correctly installed
  • A desktop set-up which can be modularly expanded with additional capacity as required
  • Is compatible with various software platforms
  • Simple implementation via IEEE 1149.1 design rules

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Advantages of Unites Systems CMT platforms: 

  • Functional, MDA, ICT and End of line testing
  • Interchangeable fixture and/or cassette system
  • Works with Labview, Teststand and/or Scadus software
  • Easy-to-adjust test steps in Scadus
  • Available in desktop or 19″ RACK version
  • Easily interchangeable through direct card system with VPC connectors

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